Giovanni De Chiaro

Classical Guitarist

"De Chiaro is a splendid young guitarist, and his concert was a model of its kind...This was a performance of rapt intensity...sensitively played." -The New York Times

"A solid-gold recital combining intellect and emotion...a first rate musician qualified to join the thin ranks of the Segovias and the Breams in boosting the guitar into its place in the sun." -New Jersey Record, Hackensack

"An accomplished performer in a delightful program...fluidity of execution even in the most difficult passages, and an impressive sense of timing and dynamics." -Journal News, Stuffern, New York

"An excellent guitarist worth making an effort to hear anytime." -New Jersey Music and Arts Magazine

"A first-rate recital by an accomplished artist...poised, patient, absorbing player." -The New York Times

"De Chiaro's performance showed the talent and sensitivity that has brought him acclaim in major concert halls in the United States...A magnificent performance." -Vanguardia, Saltillo, Mexico

"Musicianship abounded in De Chiaro's 90 minute program, enhanced by his relaxed oral program notes between selections. In performing, the recitalist knew how to balance an introspective approach with an outgoing one so as to protect an expansive artistic personality...a knack for communicating - for compelling the ear to be led in sometimes surprising directions - was clear." -The Indianapolis Star, Indiana

"The pieces moved the audience to sighs of disbelief...De Chiaro goes beyond the scope of what one normally expects from a guitar, moving from gentle sounds similar to those produced by a harp to the high pitched sounds of a piano's treble clef." -The Star Herald, Kosciusko, Mississippi

"Guitarist Giovanni De Chiaro gives an excellent performance...A beautiful evening with a gentle man of deep feeling and generosity..." -Laredo Morning Times, Laredo, Texas

"The technically challenging sonata by Diabelli demonstrated his command of the full dynamic range of the guitar. He coaxed an especially sweet tone from his instrument during the second movement, which highlighted his lyrical phrasing...The audience gave him a resounding standing ovation." -Post and Courier, South Carolina

"Taste, stylishness, technical finesse." -The New York Times

"The performance is highly affectionate", "the performance from all sides is fabulous with the London Symphony on to form and Giovannie De Chiaro"s guitar playing is a wonder throughout, not just in that first movement cadenza". -Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

"De Chiaro's playing of the concerto is loving and tender, with a lot of heart". -Dave Saemann, Fanfare Magazine

What they're saying... In Performance
What they're saying... On Record

"The pieces have been skillfully transcribed and they sound amazingly appropriate on the guitar."
-John W. Tanno, Soundboard

"The flow, the dynamics, the contrasting tempos and voices are all here...This is a wondrous recording. The musician plays with authority and dash, assuring that he is in the ranks of the world's finest artists. De Chiaro has a style which makes this recording clearly his own, but he is true to the spirit of the rag." -Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi

"Classicist De Chiaro treats Joplin as seriously as Scarlatti or Bach, stressing interpretation, technical excellence, and respect for the original scores...De Chiaro renders the uncompromising arrangements with exceptional expression." -Guitar Player Magazine

"Let me introduce you to some splendid Joplin playing on guitar by Giovanni De Chiaro, whose understanding of the ragtime master seems impeccable...Good work here." -Guitar Review Magazine

"If you're a guitar music or Scott Joplin collector, you'll want this CD...As guitar music it has haunting beauty; I think you'll like it." -CD Review Magazine

"It sounds as if he has lots of jazz-blues experience, for the earthy, down-home feel for true Joplin style dominates these performances. Now playful, now graceful, flexible in rubato and with a keen sense of unwritten subordinate accents, I don't see how De Chiaro could be other than an experienced performer. Technically polished - not one fumbled note (rare for a guitarist) - these performances capture the flavor of Scott Joplin about perfectly." -Fanfare Magazine

"The guitarist's transcriptions are well-crafted and demonstrate instrumental prowess..."
-Guitar Player Magazine